GBCStories Integrated Lessons

All of our lessons are integrated to include: Social Emotional Learning, English Language Arts, Spanish Language Arts for Bilingual or Dual Language, English Language Learners, ESE, Social Studies and Humanities.

Integrated Lessons

These lessons will enrich your existing curriculum, engage your students, while building empathy and a deep understanding of the human aspects of history.


English Language Arts

Using the industry's best, we have created a plethora of lesson types that will keep students attention through variety.


Social Emotional Learning

Students develop and practice important self-awareness skills by examining their own character traits and strengths with our video-based primary resources.

Group of multicultural high school teenage high school students doing homework during school break

Social Studies and History

GBCStories reaches beyond the text to dive deeply into lived human experiences to bring social emotional learning and history into classrooms.

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Spanish Language Arts for Bilingual or Dual Language

Our lesson plans and related activities are provided in English and Spanish, and were designed with these students in mind.

Diligent concentrated hard working diverse miltiethnic classmates schoolchildren writing tasks in notebooks with happy teacher explaining and helping. Schoolwork in diversity team. Education concept.

English Language Learners

Handouts are designed to serve as scaffolds for the activities for students who need additional support.


English Language Arts

Our ELA lessons reinforce powerful social-emotional learning through our video-based primary resources. Students then read, write, listen, and have rich discussions about real human experiences.

Our lesson plans require students to critically analyze the primary resource and extend knowledge and skills gained from writing activities or a digital project outlined.

Social Emotional Learning

By viewing, hearing, and discussing first-hand accounts of people with a wide range of experiences, students are given opportunities to develop empathy and understanding of the human aspects of history, culture, and society. They will explore emotions, character traits, and actions of others, leading them to a better understanding of their own characteristics and behaviors.

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Spanish Capture

Spanish Language Arts for Bilingual or Dual Language

GBCStories is committed to providing quality resources for Spanish Language Arts for Bilingual or Dual Language by providing subtitles to our videos in English and in Spanish. This serves as extra support for those students in dual language programs or to English learners who require primary language support.

GBCStories will enhance your curriculum and state standards regardless of the programs or approaches you use.

English Language Learners

GBCStories provides scaffolding for English Learners in many ways. Our videos are subtitled in English and Spanish. This helps make the input comprehensible by providing multiple systems of meaning simultaneously - reading, viewing, and listening.

Purposeful and consistent lessons draw from research on second language acquisition and engage students with authentic use of expressive language skills - speaking and writing at the word, sentence, and discourse levels.

Children learning Spanish language in international school

Social Studies and History

We bring life to Social Studies and History instruction by use of our video-based primary resources that document first-person accounts and experiences of historical events in your class. Through a strong humanities curriculum, students continue to build insight, core knowledge, and empathy by listening to and viewing first-hand lived experiences as far as the 1930s, and up to present times.

Responding to these powerful stories become springboards for ELA and SEL activities that build character, strengthen learning, and further life success as a result.

All of our Integrated Lessons Include

Transadapted Spanish Lessons Plans

Our lesson plans and related activities are provided in English and Spanish, and were designed with these students in mind. They employ a simple and consistent format with discussion questions and suggestions of what to do before, during, and after viewing these remarkable videos.

Video-Based Primary Resources with Accurate Spanish or English Captions

Each of our videos have easy to understand, and accurate translations. The storytelling format of our videos are compatible with the research on language acquisition and brain-compatible learning.

Lessons and Activities that Follow Common Core and State Standards

Our lessons are strategically curated to ensure that they both engage the student, and supplement your curriculum to the fullest extent. We follow all the states standards and alignments making GBCStories supplementary courses nearly comprehensive!

Easy to Access Content

Simply login, find the subject you'd like to teach, and access all your content with a click of a button with easily downloadable content.

Reusable Resources

Alongside lesson specific activities, we provide teacher with tons of activities that can be used with any of our lessons!

Lesson Specific Handouts

Each of our lessons include handouts and activities curated specifically for that topic.